Rewilding Gora

To The Ancient Rhythm of Africa


Immerse yourself in an ever-expanding wilderness area as you intimately participate in rewilding and restoring the Gora Wilderness Reserve.

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The 'gora' was a Khoikhoi musical bow incorporating a quill or reed across which the player would blow to produce a sound with a rhythm reminiscent of the southern black korhaan, a ground-dwelling bustard.

The Garden Route and Little Karoo within the Western Cape of South Africa has for long been overlooked as a safari destinationThe area often hid in the shadows of conservation giants in the likes of the Greater Kruger National Park. This is largely due to the fact that the impacts of settling humanity has had a greater effect in the Cape, with many species becoming locally extinct during the colonial era. Despite the immense floral diversity that the Cape of South Africa is renowned for, many of the iconic species have disappeared and are now being reintroduced.

Come experience the weaving of a reviving wilderness area as the Gora Wilderness Reserve is expanding its borders.

Unique wilderness experience

As an ever-expanding conservation area, the Gora Wilderness Reserve offers visitors the unique opportunity of a customised experience where you choose your level of intimate engagement in the Gora Wilderness – with options ranging from exhilarating day incursions into the wild and exquisite safari stays to participating in active reserve expansion through bush home ownership and additional land purchase. Whatever your selection, you will be immersed into the hopeful realities of a growing wilderness area where nature is actively returned to herself and wildlife is allowed to thrive. Our continued commitment to active rewilding include reforestation and habitat restoration efforts on old agricultural fields and the carefully planned reintroduction of various wildlife species that have disappeared from the area due to human impact.


Awaken your senses on various day excursions into the Gora Wilderness, including guided horseback and walking safaris with knowledgeable game rangers.


Immerse yourself in a varied selection of luxury and rustic safari accommodation discretely hidden in the unique Cape bush.


Own your own unique bush home while contributing to reserve expansion through the purchase of ecologically threatened parcels of land.

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Luxury Lodges and Safari Camps

Experience the ultimate sense of adventure at our wide selection of authentic luxury accommodation, nestled in unrivalled diversity.

Garden Route Safari Camp

Nestled in dense Cape Acacia savanna, Garden Route Safari Camp reinvigorates that ‘old world’ safari camp feeling where you are luxuriously transported into the unique Cape wilderness.

Hartenbosch Lodge

Greet the rising African sun at dawn in the authentically crafted family villas of Hartenbosch Lodge that line the edge of a sprawling valley of fynbos, thicket and savanna teeming with wildlife.

Hide Away Tented Camp

Situated in a secluded valley, Hide Away Tented Camp seamlessly blends into the stunted forest landscape, while each luxury tent boast with its characteristic connection with its natural surrounds.

Natura Retreat Lodge

Standing as a sentinel on the hill, Natura Retreat boast with endless views across the unique rolling landscape where intimate memories are cultivated in this unique 5 bedroom lodge.